The benefits and power of online tuition

Updated: Mar 5

Often seeing is believing and its not until you experience something first-hand that you can appreciate how beneficial and powerful it can be. This is applicable to online learning, many parents would previously have not given thought to this as a method of learning for their child, until it was the only option available over the pandemic to massively boost their child’s education.

The colossal reaction received from parents, however, is that online tuition is now the preferred method for improving their child’s learning and this will remain for the conceivable future.

If you have never thought about online tuition before, read on to find out why you should undoubtedly try it out.


After sitting through the daily commute to work, being tied up in meetings all day then battling the traffic home, you are finally able to rustle up something quickly for your child’s dinner before taking them to their maths tutor. You can then pass the time waiting outside in the car for the hour lesson to finish.

If ferrying your child to and from their private tuition sessions and classes is challenging to plan into your busy schedule, then online tuition will come as a welcome relief. With online tutoring there is no commuting time, no hectic rush out of the door and no hanging around. Once the lesson is complete, your child can simply close their computer and their time is their own for remainder of the day.


Make online tuition work for you and fit perfectly around your family's schedule. This is particularly easy to do even when your child has many extra-curricular activities after school. Online tuition can take place anywhere with an internet connection, our online tuition classes have been known to take place in the most unusual of places, including a mountain top, when one family was on vacation however did not want their child to miss out on vital exam preparation!

Comfort and Security

Trusting your child with a stranger is always a concern to parents. Since your child will not be in the same physical room as the tutor, this dissolves many safeguarding worries. Being electronic, your child can be sent the lesson notes allowing them to focus on understanding the key concepts and actively asking questions rather than merely making notes worrying about missing or not writing down any content from the lesson. In fact, the lesson can be recorded and replayed at your child’s convenience this serves as an excellent revision resource our students! They can replay any lesson content, this is particularly useful for revising particularly hard to master topics or to review pronunciation in language lessons, or even to listen to the teacher playing a solo part in their piano lesson or guitar lesson. The possibilities are endless!

You can check out our online classroom right here to see first-hand how simple and easy it is to work with your tutor.

Tutor choice

Do you live in a remote location where the nearest high quality maths tutor is 40+ miles away? With online tuition you do not need to settle for the closest tutor. You are free to unlock the best subject specialists the world can offer.

Simply choose your subject, tell us your availability and let us find you an experienced tutor who is ready to work around your own schedule. We will keep in regular contact every step of the way to ensure they're a perfect fit for your child's needs.

Well-structured lessons

Online tuition sessions are much more predictable than in-person lessons. With in-person tuition there is the possibility of the previous lesson running late, will your child miss out on valuable tuition time? After entering the room, there is settling in, unpacking stationery and books, taking off coats.

This does not apply to online tuition. It is much easier to jump immediately into the learning, allowing your child to achieve more in lesson time. Online tuition is certainly for those students and parents who understand they are there to learn and want to begin immediately, fully utilising lesson time.

Online vs In-Person - How to decide?

We are not saying online tuition is the only option for all students. However, from feedback we know it is an excellent solution for so many of our students and are passionate to spread the word about our online classroom and show you what it can unlock for your child.

Online tuition is perfect for confidence building, particularly in children suffering anxiety. We have seen students who are disengaged in the traditional classroom setting, completely transform in our online classroom, actively contributing to their online lessons, confidently asking questions, where they were previously reluctant to voice their questions and ideas in-person. Our online lessons are also perfect for fitting around hectic schedules and enable access to a worldwide choice of high quality, subject expert tutors.

If you are still undecided, check out our online classroom and consider getting in touch so we can find a tutor perfectly matched to your subject, schedule and requirements.

We look forward to welcoming your child to our online classroom.

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