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As with home tuition, online students benefit from one-to-one lessons with their tutor.  The sessions are just as effective as home tuition, a question we are often asked. 

Through the use of audio and visual software (such as Skype) and programmes that allow real-time collaboration, online sessions are highly interactive.

Both the student and tutor are able to write, type, highlight and draw on the same document.  By making use of ever-evolving technology, each session can be diverse, dynamic and – dare we say it – fun!   

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Get better grades with our expert tuition

Entry to our feature-packed online classroom, Jacob tuition can help you achieve the results you’re looking for.


Learning online means that you don't have to travel to sessions, so can easily fit lessons around your current studies and schedule. This means that you can have online lessons during your free time and even take lessons from experts in a different country to yourself. 





See hear and speak to your tutor live through your webcam

Pencil and notepad


Use the intuitive whiteboard to work together with your tutor by writing, typing or drawing diagrams. 

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Share and work on essays, past papers or documents with your tutor. 


Share your screen with your tutor and show them your live work. 

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Bespoke learning packages

All new learners to Jacob Tuition, undergo an initial skills assessment to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Their individual needs and aims of the lessons are taken into consideration and they are matched to a unique learning package, to ensure their targets are easily achieved.  

Regular lesson feedback is provided to parents and students to ensure progress is closely monitored. Additional work can also be set for the student to complete in between lessons, to enable further consolidation and practise. Students are always aware of their progress and often value the supportive feedback received by Jacob Tuition. 

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All of our software is very easy to use, in fact you probably already have the tools needed on your device to run our online classroom. We will patiently guide you through the online classroom set up prior to your first lesson, just to ensure the first lesson runs smoothly.

Possibly the main advantage of online tuition is that it allows students to work with the best tutors in the world, not just those who happen to live closeby.  By accessing a global pool of teaching talent, you are far more likely to find a tutor with the right skills, experience and personality.

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